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been a while, but I finally got the AJP running and met Brian over at Ty-Rhiw on Tuesday for a few hours.

Bri was the more organised of us, and arrived on time with a functioning bike.

I meanwhile, had forgotten to charge my battery and I don't have a kicker, then when I finally got the bike running I notice that the carb was dripping fuel. Turns out that at some point in the past an o-ring had gone missing, a fuel-line clip was slack, and all the other o-ring were perished. Managed strip the card and sort all those issues, and get everything ready to ride from Newport to Ty-Rhiw farm... only to get a call from the bank letting me know some one had hacked my credit card and so they had cancelled it. Finally left home, only to take 3 different wrong turnings when trying to find the farm. With all the excitement I'd forgotten to check the map! Finally made it at 2pm, only 4 hours late!

So anyway... it was very warm, and a good time was had by all. Very much a case of the blind leading the blind! Both of us managed things we never expected we'd manage. No proper crashes, but several cases of loosing our balance when trying to turn around on the rough ground. Both of us enjoyed being able to walk routes prior to trying them out, and not being rushed. And trying things more than once. For example, I learned that when doing a rocky ditch crossing followed by climbing a steep bank, it's always best not to use neutral!  ::)

Having had a chat with the owner, it seems we're ok to ride there up until 8pm so long as we are quiet in the car park which is fair enough. Could be nice for a cool evening ride on otherwise hot days (like Tuesday!)

All in all, a great time and we can't wait to go again!

AJP PR4 200cc
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