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Minutes of SWTRF meeting held 3rd Jan 2019,
A good first turn out for the new year with several new members. Welcome and happy New Year to all. New members introduced themselves. Apologies if didn't catch all the names:  Deffer Doug, Laurie Taylor, Chris Morgan.
Christmas ride on 27th Dec was 68 miles. 18 started and 13 finished. Thanks to leader Chris Amos. Initiation by bike drowning was reported.
Usk/Wye valley rideout proposed Sat Jan 12th Jer to post up on Facebook page.
North Devon ride proposed Jer keen. Post up for Feb?
Jer likes handbags. Can’t remember why I wrote that but apparently he does. Maybe its to do with the secret rideouts he does!
Husky Steve is doing a great job taking out and training newbies in the finer points of trail and trials riding.
North Wales ride proposed for June or July TBA.
Salisbury ride also proposed by Mike TBA.
South Devon best done during long days as its 130 miles. Date TBD maybe Sept.
Several members are migrating to the Pyrenees in May for 600 miles of trail riding in 5 days. Sat to following Sunday. Jer proposed that a potential second group at a slower pace might be worthwhile. Normal location is the town of Sort an area 50 south of Andorra. Mark and Rob have routes that they can share.
In April Big Kev and Rob are off to Morocco on road bikes but looking at obtaining ‘off road’ routes. Provisionally 20th May.
Rides will be posted up on the 'secret' 'SWTRF' Facebook page. see below.

Austin Vince has been booked to give a talk on his trail riding experiences. He is a good laugh so come along if you can. Monday 4th March Rhiwbina Rugby club rec Cardiff CF14 1BE.  £5 from each member to get commitment and cover costs. Cost includes a drink. All welcome. Pay at the next group mtg at the Ty Nant pub Morganstown Cardiff on the 7th Feb or on the door on the day. 7:30 for 8pm start. Kelvin to post up on Facebook. Both Ty Nant and Hafodyrynys Inn are unavailable on the date hence its at Rhiwbina Rugby club. Its just down the road towards Cardiff from the Ty Nant.

First aid course requested by some of the newer members. Possibly run another course similar to the one in Jan 2018.  Mike L to talk to Tony.

Kelvin to post up details on Facebook of Trailwise 2 the green road mapping system by GLASS.
TRF National are preparing a similar green road mapping system and local groups have been asked to assist in identifying the legal green roads in their area.
Neil (our new ROW officer) to be given access to Trailwise 2 at the cost to the TRF group to assist.
At TRF national's request need to send an easy route .gpx file to TRFs David Blackhurst to encourage newbies - Neil to coordinate.

Simon won ‘T’ bar allen key set in raffle.
Hunky Steve won chain cleaning brush.
Dave T won another brush but passed it on. He has too many tools in his tool box! Either that or he is a posh artist.
Mike won the second-hand chain brush.

We need to do write up about the SWTRF group in next years TRF winter 'annual' magazine as we missed this years opportunity.

Neil to prepare a welcome pack for potential new members.

There are two South Wales TRF Facebook groups a ‘secret’ one for paid up TRF members only where rideouts are posted and a ‘closed’ one that everyone can see exists and who is in it but only members can post and see posts. There is also a web based forum (type ‘SWTRF forum’ into Google or that the public has access to. Additional access to certain areas are restricted to TRF members. The forum is being used less with the advent of the Facebook pages (The forum is also down at the moment!). However, it is recognised that not everyone is or wants to be on Facebook.
Sometimes a temporary Wattsapp group may be set up to coordinate a rideout and communicate the start location and time and other banter etc.

Ideally newbies need to ride with someone as it is not wise to ride on your own when you're starting out just in case natural animal waste  happens. Need leaders to help newbies.

Various discussion ensued on the merits of mousses, Tubliss and inner tubes. In summary, and mostly for the newer guys to green laning, inner tubes are not ideal as you have to carry tools and spare tube and a puncture will cause delays on a rideout. It is no fun changing a puncture in the mud and rain or even under a blazing sun when your ‘fellow’ riders are taking the piss out of you!! Note some riders are more helpful than others! Pinch punctures (inner tube splits) are not easy and sometime impossible to repair with a puncture kit or slime. Mousses are best (in the author’s opinion) for a typical 60-120 mile green lane ride but are not good for a lot of roadwork in hot weather as they can heat up, especially if not properly lubed. They are not strictly legal for road use although some folk fit a dummy valve to hide the presence of a mousse. If properly lubed they can last a long time. Tubliss are great for varying the pressure and will keep the tyre on the rim if you get a puncture and allow to you ride on - at a slower pace. Special kits can plug a Tubliss tyre puncture but you will need a pump or an air cannister. Mousses and Tubliss are a similar price although some mousses are not the best quality. Michelin mousses are generally regarded as the best. Both mousses and Tubliss require a technique to correctly fit and are not easy the first time! Best to watch a few Youtube clips closely and get the right tools. If you have or want to use tubes use heavy duty 4mm thick ones and keep the pressure to about 12 - 15psi for green lane use and above for the road. Carry and test all the tools you’ll need and a spare front tube. It will fit the rear in an emergency. There are other alternatives but they are rare e.g. tyre balls. Gibson Tyres do a mousse that has a radial grooves and a hollow interior. Rise mousse do a mousse that is a cross between balls and conventional mousse.

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Thanks Kelvin I’m sure I’ll read it all by next meeting  :-X


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